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 First off i want to let new clients know that as part of your overall inspection package we provide for free a one time ozone therapy treatment  at your existing home.

  • By now most of you have probably heard of ozone.  In nature, ozone is created in the upper atmosphere by sunlight intersecting with oxygen.  O2 (two oxygen atoms) are rearranged to form O3(3 Ozone atoms) in an ozone molecule.  Because it uses the UV rays of the sum to cause this reaction, the earth is protected from excess UV light.  Ozone is one of the best sanitizers in the world.  Ozone kills every type of pathogen.  It will kill mold and mildew, staph, germs, bacteria and viruses, yes that is true.  Much studies have revealed that Ozone is effective in the killing of viruses  After a ozone therapy session for your home you will be bringing in the fresh scent of spring while not only getting rid of nuisance odors, but also a thorough cleansing of the interior and its contents.  At Adanac, with every contracted inspection we provide this service that will help in the sale of your home with a fresh fragrance interior.  As an added bonus I will show you how ozone is capable of removing the odor of sweaty gym gear or hockey bags loaded with bacteria such as staph.  Your gear will be clean and fresh.  Have a odor in a vehicle such as tobacco?  Ozone will neutralize and remove it.